From Venice to Singapore

Antwerp Town Square

Why You Should Go to Belgium

Most of the conversations before our trip to Belgium went like this: "We're going to Belgium!"  "Why?" "Well...

Nerd Travel

From Hogsmeade to Gallifrey


Movies to Make You Travel

Watching movies is probably my favorite pastime. Travel movies? Doubly so. There's something wonderful about movies...


Essential Gear & Ultralight Tips


Airbnb, Hotels & Housesitting

Travel Stories

Oktoberfest and Polar Bears


Food is 90% of travel, right?

Haggis Balls

To Haggis, or Not to Haggis?

That's the question for many travelers to Scotland. The infamous dish has a bad reputation outside the country, but is...
New Zealand Fish & Chips

Must-Eat Foods in New Zealand

When I was on my way to New Zealand everyone kept commenting on how I'd probably spend three months eating lamb....
Berthillon Ice Cream Cone

The Best Ice Cream in Paris

Parisians certainly try hard to live up to their reputation of being slightly snooty about all things touristy in their...