The Mission is my absolute favorite neighborhood in San Francisco, and the main reason for that is it’s food. We just spent a week in the heart of this foodie paradise (our apartment was right across from the famous Tartine Bakery!) and I still couldn’t find time to eat everywhere I wanted. Walking down Valencia Street is like going to a candy store – I want to taste everything!

La Palma Burritto

But sadly most of us can’t eat out five times a day, so here’s what I recommend focusing on when you visit the fantastic Mission District.


El Farolito Quesadilla

The Quesadilla Super Suiza from El Farolito.

Obviously. The Mission has been a Latina neighborhood for as long as there’s been a Mission. It’s gentrified a lot in the last few decades (especially Valencia and the Dolores Park area) but many immigrants from Mexico and Central America still call it home. So the taquerias, pupuserias and small Latina grocery stores are still the real deal! There’s the freaking amazing chips, tacos and quesadillas at El Farolito and you can’t leave until you’ve had something wrapped in the incredible tortillas at La Palma. Just walk down Mission Street or 24th Street and you’ll wind up somewhere tasty!


Philz Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee from Philz.

San Francisco and coffee go together like bacon and bacon. My absolute favorite spot is Philz where you can get dozens of varieties of drip coffee to suit any palette, though I’d recommend trying their Mint Mojito Iced Coffee for a refreshingly mind-blowing concoction. Philz has five SF locations, but the original Mission shop has the best ambience with it’s comfy couch and mismatched chairs. The Mission also features Four Barrel Coffee, Stanza Coffee, Borderlands Cafe (next to the fantastic Sci-Fi bookstore), a Ritual Coffee Roasters and about a hundred other neighborhood joints. You could probably spend a year here and never get the same beans twice.


Craftsman & Wolves muffin

The amazing muffin selection at Craftsman & Wolves.

Dessert is, of course, the best meal of the day. Which is why I’m so happy there are so many shops where you can satiate a sweet tooth from morning to night. As I mentioned before, we stayed across the street from the famous Tartine Bakery which constantly has a line out the door and serves up everything from scrumptious coconut cream tarts to sugar-covered “morning buns” and bread pudding topped with fruit.

On this trip I was also able to sample the unique stylings of Craftsman & Wolves, which is famous for it’s “Rebel Within” muffin (it contains a soft boiled egg). I tried both the triple layer chocolate croissant stack and the espresso & winter citrus muffin. Divine!

Bi Rite Creamery

Don’t skip a cone from Bi-Rite Creamery!

But the icing on the cake is the out of this world ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery. A huge line usually wraps around the block, but it’s worth waiting in for a scoop of salted caramel, earl grey or honey lavender. They’ve also got enormous sundaes covered in special olive oils that look incredible!

Everything else!

Mission Cheese San Francisco

Gourmet grilled cheese & wine from Mission Cheese.

From pizza at Pizzeria Delfina to grilled cheese & wine at Mission Cheese, there’s so much to discover in the Mission. I’ve still got to try the drinking chocolate at Dandelion and beer at The Monk’s Kettle. There’s always something new to eat here!

If you can’t decide where to start, I’d recommend grabbing a sandwich from Guerrero Market or the incredible Bi-Rite Market and just enjoy a sunny day out in Mission Dolores Park.

Please share your favorite SF treats in the comments so I can add to my list for the next trip!


  • John Proestakes

    Mission Cheese is pretty amazing. Besides that, I really didn’t try enough food when I was there; I’m going to add these places to my foursquare to-do list. Gotta have burritos there. Thanks!

    • Kit

      Always happy to help a fellow cheese lover!

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