I haven’t used a washing machine in nine months. No, I’m not anti-laundry, I’ve just found a better way. The Scrubba: my washing machine in a pocket!

The Scrubba was a Christmas present last year, and now I can’t live without it. No more searching for a laundromat in a foreign city, no more ruining my clothes with a harsh washing machine (or heaven forbid: a dryer!), no more scrubbing dirty sinks so I can put my bras in them. I love my Scrubba :)

What’s your must-have travel gear? Share in the comments!

  • http://www.theroamingrenegades.com Nic Hilditch-Short

    Brilliant post. Thank you for this!

    • http://www.seeknewtravel.com/ Kit Whelan

      Thanks Nic!

  • http://www.adventuresinwanderland.net Kerri Kirshner

    Kit, thanks for sharing this handy way to wash clothes! Whenever I’ve been on the road I’ve either #1-not done laundry because it’s not readily available, #2-Used a plastic grocery sack, which is cumbersome, or #3-Seek a laundry, but may inhibit your day, cause you have to wait for it.

    • http://www.seeknewtravel.com/ Kit Whelan

      Exactly! This is so much better :) Thanks Kerri!