Has this ever happened to you? You land in a foreign country excited to start exploring and you hop straight in a taxi heading downtown. As you arrive at the cool new restaurant you read about, you realize… “I have no idea how much to tip the taxi driver! Or the waiter inside!” The driver is staring at you, waiting to be handed the correct amount of euros/baht/pesos. What do you do?

This has happened to me so many times that I finally decided to do something about it. Along with my brilliant partner Nick (who just happens to be a kick-ass iOS developer) we’ve created Piper, the travel tipping app that tells you how much to tip. Everywhere.

And best of all: no data connection required!

Piper Travel Tipping iPhone App Just download Piper to your phone now, and you’ll never need to worry about offending Parisian waiters and Malaysian taxi drivers* again. It’s free to download and comes pre-loaded with some of the most popular destinations on Earth: France, Italy, Mexico, the UK and the good ol’ USA.

Going on a European road trip? Traveling around SE Asia? You can download entire sections of the globe for just 99 cents! We’re constantly adding new sections, so we’ll have the entire globe covered soon – from Singapore to Swaziland! Piper Travel Tipping iPhone App Speaking of the globe, if you’re a world wanderer like me $4.99 will get you the entire planet – including every country we post in the future. That’s less than a plate of tapas in Barcelona! (For which you should tip 5%, by the way.) Piper Travel Tipping iPhone App Honestly, we created this app for ourselves because we NEEDED it to exist. We cross borders dozens of times each year, and even with the SIM cards we buy all over the world we hardly ever have a data connection when we arrive (which of course is when you need this info the most). So we’ve worked hard to make it simple, reliable and perfect. I hope you, my fellow jetsetters and wanderlusters, love it as much as we do!

Download it today. Love it forever. And let us know what improvements you’d like to see! Piper Travel Tipping iPhone App We’ll be adding info for hotels and bars soon, and we’ve got another app in the pipeline that will make multilingual globetrotting even easier! Stay tuned for more awesomeness travel nerds!

*Did you know that you don’t have to tip Malaysian taxi drivers? If you had Piper you would!

  • Catherine Basu

    VERY cool app! I love that you can use it without data :)

    • http://www.seeknewtravel.com/ Kit Whelan

      Thanks Catherine! We love it too! :) I hope it’ll be useful for every type of traveler!

  • http://uncommonchick.com/ Lakesha Brown

    Awesome! Need this for my upcoming European trip!

    • http://www.seeknewtravel.com/ Kit Whelan

      Yeah you do! ;-)