I have officially finished planning my big family trip to Ireland! Nine people for one week on a whirlwind tour at the end of August, then another two weeks with just my parents. It’s going to be a crazy fun time!

I’ve obviously had to think about Ireland’s highlights a lot while planning this trip, so I thought I’d share the reasons why I love returning here again and again (this will be my fourth visit in the Emerald Isle).

Here’s why I absolutely adore Ireland:


Inis Oírr Ireland

The lovely greens of Inis Oírr.

I mean, have you SEEN this landscape? Whether it’s a well-tended farm, a wild coast or a reclaimed stone cottage, Ireland has no shortage of kelly, sea, spring, shamrock, olive, tea and, of course, emerald green. It’s impossible not to feel invigorated as you look around, no matter what region you’re visiting.


Cliffs of Moher

The famous Cliffs of Moher.

I’ve seen the jaw-dropping Cliffs of Moher twice now and I’ll happily go back later this year. Ditto for the Ring of Kerry, Connemara, the Aran Islands, Skellig Ring, the Burren and countless other scenic coastal drives I’ve enjoyed during my visits. And I haven’t even been to the Giant’s Causeway yet!


Crab Sandwich Liberty Grill

A simple crab sandwich at the Liberty Grill in Cork.

Whether it’s a heaping helping of a Sunday Roast or a simple tuna and sweet corn baguette, I love eating in Ireland. You know how shockingly good the seafood is, right? Add to that the extensive farmer’s markets, relaxed cafes, and friendly pubs that populate most Irish towns and you’ve got a recipe for a place that will never let you go hungry.


Irish weather

A beautiful green lane seen through a rainy car windshield.

This may sound weird, but I adore the weather in Ireland. Sure it rains a lot, but how else do you expect it to stay so brilliantly green? The climate in one Irish town can change a hundred times a day. So you never need to fret if it’s raining because the sun is probably right around the corner. If you go to the top of a hill you can probably see a few seasons happening around you at once!


Irish Rainbow

One of a dozen rainbows I saw on my last trip to the country.

Leprechauns may be mythical but rainbows are certainly plentiful in Ireland. The aforementioned changing weather is responsible for sun and rain happening at the same time – all the time! I regularly see full 180-degree rainbows during my drives in the countryside. Sadly, I have yet to find any gold.

I can’t wait to be back later this year and find even more to love!